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Photography Tip: Using Spot metering on digital camera

Spot metering is a very useful function. It allows the user to decide which part of the scene within the frame should be correctly exposed. This can significantly enhanced the quality and clarity of an image. Not all digital cameras have this feature, though.
The photo below was taken using a Sony Cybershot S700. The spot metering function was not utilised in this case. You can see that the building is too dark and thus is not showing good details.


The image below is the same scene. But this time, it was taken using the spot metering function that comes with Sony Cybershot S700. You can see that the building is show significantly more details due to the correct exposure to it.


How to get the desired exposure? This is quite easy to do.
Firstly, pan the camera around the scene and view the scene through the LCD screen. As the scene moves within the LCD screen, the exposure will readjust accordingly. Move until you get the correct exposure for the intended subject/object.
Next, half-press and hold the capture button. This is to lock the correct exposure setting in place. Be sure that you do not either release or press the button too hard.
Now, re-compose the frame through the LCD screen. Press the capture button fully to snap the scene. The scene will be captured with the intended exposure setting.
Happy shooting 🙂