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Photography tips – morning mist

Morning mist is caused by high concentration of water in the atmosphere. Such scenes can be very surreal and appealing. As such, they make good photography materials. The followings are some tips for enhancing the misty effect of a scene.

1. Use polariser filter when attempting to shoot a side-lit scene. This has the effect of making the mist appear more prominent.
2. Prepare for the shot before sunrise. Sometimes, the nicest misty scenes occur before sunrise.
3. Aim and shoot into the light. However, care must also be taken to avoid flare effect. To overcome flare, shield the direct light with a card in front of the lens.
4. Keep lens dust free and clean. This will prevent some flaring. For backlighted scenes, a prime lens is preferred over a zoom lens.
5. Use the spot-meter reading. Using the spot-meter can allow us to avoid setting parameter for incorrect exposures.
Well, these are some tips for great misty scenes.