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Photography Visual Tip: Effective Wide Angle Lens Usage

Wide angle lens can have creative applications. They have large angle-of-view.

However, there are several characteristic of this type of lenses that must be put into consideration:
1. Straight line will be arched in the photo. Distortions may occur at the edges of the frame. This is known as barrel distortion.
2. Faces will be distorted. If this is your intention it may work out fine. Otherwise, iy may prove to be an undesirable trait of Wide angle photography.
3. Objects in the foreground will appear large, but size will very quickly diminishes into the background.
4. This distortion gets significantly worse if the camera is tilted.
This kind of characteristics can be a bane or it can be put to creative usage. A creative usage will be to use the characteristic to make the subject stand out more by downplaying the background. The picture below illustrates such an application.