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Be impressive during Job Interviews

A Job Interview can make or break one’s chances of being employed. Therefore it is imperative that we present our most impressive side to the interviewer/s.

The followings are some crucial points that one need to take note of when going for an interview:

1. The dressing and attire.

Needless to say, you will need to dress professionally and be appropriate for the occasion. For most job positions, wearing sandals and jeans for the interview are definite no-nos. Men should ideally wear suit and tie or long sleeved shirt. Women will have more options. The important point is to project the most appropriate image for the situation.

2. The physical appearance.

Be physical well-groomed for the occasion. Even if you are the messy type, please keep that side of you well-concealed until you got the job! Nails and hair should be properly trimmed. One’s breath should be fresh. Nothing put off more than a breath that smells like the garbage chute.

3. The body language.

Project an air of confidence. You can improve your body language by following the tips below:

a. Smile and be friendly.

b. Make eye contacts.

c. Give a firm handshake.

d. Do not hunch the back.

4. The verbal communication skills.

We should use proper language structure when conversing during the interview. Try to be attentive and answer the questions directed at you in the most appropriate manner.

5. The written skill.

This skill largely depends on the scope of the job that you are interviewing for. Very often, one’s written competency is indicated by the resume and cover letter that your have given to the potential employer.

6. The job-related skills.

The job-related skills are the main reasons for the employer to hire someone. Needless to say, your must be proficient in this area. If you are not, you should indicate to the interviewer/s that you are very willing to learn and pick it up on the job.

Well, these are some of the pointers to look out for when going for a job interview. Hope that it is of help to you.