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Considerations for career selection

Do you need help deciding what career to choose? If you do please read on.

We spend a large portion of our life working. In fact, many in Asian countries spent almost an entire lifetime working. It is safe to say that a career can greatly influence and determine the quality of our life. In another word, it can either enhance or diminish our enjoyment of life. Therefore making the right career choice is crucial. This is especially so when we are about to embark on our first serious job.

The following are questions that we need to honestly assess when embarking upon a new career.

1. Do I have enough time and resource to train up for the career?

To help you get a more accurate assessment, you can consult someone who is already in the field.

2. Is the career aligned with my preferences and interests?

Imagine yourself working in this field for a few year. Do you have the gut feeling that you will be able to thrive for that long in this field?

3. Will I be happy in this working environment?

Again, use your imagination and your overall feeling for the perceived enironment.

4. Can I interact well with the typical people from this line of work?

If the answers are mostly positive, then the likelihood of the career being suitable is high. However, the problem is that we are often unable to fully know the answers to these questions until we are already in the job. Nevertheless, the evaluation of these questions will give us a fairly useful assessment prior to actual employment.


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