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Cover Letters are important

What is a cover letter? Basically, it is the front introductory cover page that should accompany the curriculum vitae or resume.

Many people seek job interviews without having a cover letter attached to the curriculum vitae. This is not a good practice. Without a good cover letter, the prospective employers will have less informed information about you. If they have too little information about you,  they will be less decisive in hiring or even calling you up for a face-to-face interview! A cover letter can be viewed as a thought-synthesizer. It allows the prospective employer to synthesis an impression about you. Without a mental image of you, you will merely be viewed as another number or statistic. This can reduce the chances of forming a favourable impression.

So why ain’t some job-seekers writing one? One reason is that writing a cover letter can be a pain in the neck. This is especially so for persons who are not ‘writing-savvy’.

Fret not. There are resources online that can help one in writing one with greater ease and targeted precision.

One such resource is a website call Cover Letters That Kill. There you will find stuffs that will ease the cover writing process.


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