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Name card tips for self-promotion

There are many ways to promote yourself. If you are into sales or am running your own business, self-promotion is very important. Setting up a website for promotion of one’s business is very widely used now. Beside this, having a good name card is also especially helpful.

There are several ways to make the name cards.

1. You can hire a designer to do it. This is the easiest. Simply get the professional to do it.
2. You can make it yourself. If you have good graphic and design skill, you can make the card yourself. You can use graphics software such as Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Alternatively, you may want to use specialised name card designing software.
3. You can use available name card templates. Many of these cards are available online, such as this example here.

When designing the card, it is advisable to use both sides of the card. This is to maximise the display of information. One common practice is to include your product and services on the back of the card.

The typical things to include on the card are:

1. Your Name
2. Designation
3. Highest relevant educational level
4. Contact info. This may include office phone number, mobile number as well as email address. When using email, avoid using free emails such as yahoo or hotmail. Using the free email service will project an unprofessional impression.
5. Website address, if you have any
6. Products and services

When choosing or designing a card, make sure that the layout and aesthetic style fit the nature of your work or business. For example, a serious job nature should be reflected as a formal style.

In a nutshell, these are some of the more essential tips.

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  1. Arull Ponto Arull Ponto

    Yeah, having a good name card is very important.

    One must create the right impression and the name card is one of the way to do it.

    Don’t you think so

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