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Self-employment or work for others?

Job and/or self-employment decision should be taken seriously and with much careful considerations.

Why is that so? This is because our income-generating activities take up a huge portion of our adulthood life. For life satisfaction, career and employment happiness and satisfaction is a major consideration.

Self-employment is a person’s pursuit of earning a living by working for himself. In order to be self-employed, a person should be highly skilled in the chosen trade or has a niche product or service to offer to potential customers.

Whether we choose to work for others or be self employed, it all boils down to generating a stable inflow of money.

Generally speaking, it is much harder to be self-employed than be working for somebody else. Self-employment takes a lot more effort, skill, determination and perseverance. Typically, a person chooses self-employment only after he has gained enough confidence from his experience of being employed by someone else. Often the experiences from working for others would have built up our skills and expertise in the areas relevant to the profession or trade. These skill are important for success.

Whether you are working for someone or wish to be self-employed, a crucial consideration is whether your interests are aligned to the chosen profession or not. It is always far better to find a career or business direction that is harmonious with one’s skill and interest.

Please note that, only you can decide whether a career or business path is suitable for you or not. Always, careful weighing of pros and cons will lead to a happier career life.

That is the end of this article. Thank you for reading.

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