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Thoughts on Retirement

Retirement is the stage of an adult person’s life characterized by the cessation of working for a living.

Different people have different attitudes towards the subject of retirement. To us, planning and preparing for eventual retirement is very important. It is a requirement if we want to live well during the advanced age of one’s life journey.

The earlier a person plan for the eventual retirement, the better it is. To prevent the depletion of funds, the funds that is put aside for retirement purpose should not be touched until the retirement age is reached.  Also make plans for possible medical expenses as well. Medical expenses and daily expenses should be seen as separate funds.

You may want to use the simple Retirement Planning Calculator that is on this website. This is really a basic tool meant to alert us to the importance of retirement planning.

Besides financial planning, other areas of consideration may include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Different people has different ways of enhancing wellbeing in these aspects of life after retirement. For example, for some, spiritual welbeing may include taking up activities such as yoga and meditation.

Meaning and purpose is different for different people. In any case, getting some exercise is beneficial for health.

That is all for the essay. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ricky Ricky

    Retirement planning is really important. It is not good to not save for the retirement.

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