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Using the internet to find a job – The Pros and Cons

The internet is fast changing the way that we find information. This also includes the areas of job search and employment seeking.

This article highlights the pros and cons of using the internet to find a job.

The advantages are as the following:

1. The internet is a fast and easy way to find a large variety of job opportunities.

2. The search is convenient and operates 24 hours a day for every day.

The disadvantages are as the following:

1. There are very intense competition. As it is easy for you to find the information, it is also easy for others to do the same as well. Tons of people are apply for the same post.

2. Lack of responses. The request for job on the internet is often followed by little or no responses at all.

3. Many of the job opportunities are offered by agencies. This limits your profitability.

Well these are some of the pros and cons.

To enhanced your job search success, you can set up a permanent website to advertise and promote yourself and your work experiences.

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