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3D Modeling and Printing Course (in Singapore Asia)

3D printing is also known as a kind of rapid prototyping. These are types of technologies that can automatically create physical models from Computer-Aided Design data. This kind of technology may be one of those things that will propel technological advancement into the next coming industrial revolution.

Open source technologies such as Arduino is also changing the face of how powerful technology is being trickled to the consumer.

Studiorola is providing 3D modelling and printing course that is based on the open source power of Blender 3D.

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Learn the next wave of technology so as not to be left out of the game !!

Note: there are several types of 3D modelling classes of software. They are:

• Surface Modellers. This type defines objects by creating skins or surfaces. Can create both geometrical and organic shapes competently. Are usually splines and NURBS-based modellers. Examples: Alias Studio, Rhinoceros 3D,, SolidThinking & MOI 3D.

• Solid Modellers. This type defined 3D objects have true volumes. Works better with geometrical shapes. Examples: Solidworks, Solid Edge, Iron CAD

• Polygon or Mesh Modellers. This type defined 3D objects using polygon and meshes. Examples: 3DS MAX, Blender 3D.