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Open source Blender 3D courses in Singapore (Asia)

Why spent thousands of dollars buying expensive 3D programs for modelling, visualisation when there is ONE free program that can fit the bill of most of what the big boys can do.

Blender 3D, the awesomely impressive, open source 3D program can create models and churn out realistic as well as cartoonish renderings and animations from them. There are courses and works springing much in the Western part of this world pertaining to this program. But in Asia, this program is not yet so well-received.  Studiorola is one of the rare few that offer courses pertaining to Blender 3D. The trainer is a member of the Blender Professional Network.

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Basically, the courses can be categories into the following:

  1. Creating Digital Art
  2. 3D Modelling
  3. 3D Rendering using Cycles
  4. Compositing in Blender
  5. Makehuman with Blender
  6. 3D Printing with Blender.