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Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D) Training Course in Singapore (Asia)

Rhinoceros or Rhino 3D is one of the most powerful 3D CAD modelling software in the world. Similar products include Alias Studio and Solidthinking. Rhino uses NURBS technology for creating the 3D designs. This is an accurate system of creating 3D data. NURBS is a more accurate way of creating 3D models that the more commonly used polygonal format used for creating 3D digital model. If constructed correctly, 3D Design Models made using NURBS can be used for eventual prototyping and fabrication.

Because of its power and versatility, Rhino 3D is a major 3D design tool used in industries such as Product Design, Jewellery Design, Mechanical design, Ship Building, Architecture.

Certified courses are available to train Users of this software. The standards training are categorised as Rhino Level 1 and Rhino Level 2. There are also customised courses catered to topics such as Advanced NURBS Surface modelling.


In this course, Participants will learn strategies and techniques for creating complex 3D surfaces and forms. This course will introduce Participants to principles important for building continuously matched surfaces. This is often an important aspect for creating visual appealing design solutions.

Participants of this course should have Rhino 3D proficiency similar or equal to Level 1.

For inquiries, call +65 97101546 (Singapore)