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CMYK export in Photoplus

Photoplus is a useful yet affordable image and photo editing software. Its tools are quite similar to that of Photoshop and the open source GIMP.
Do you know that you can actually export the image created in Photoplus as CMYK?
What is CMYK? It is a standard color model used for certain type of color printing. It refers to the four types of colour inks used for the process. These colours are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. K represents the black colour.
Photoplus allows the user to export PDF as CMYK.
Here are the steps required to do that in Photoplus.
1. At the menu, go to File >> Publish as PDF. This will open up the Publish PDF dialog box.
2. In the dialog box there are 2 tabs, namely General and Security.
3. Under the General Tab, there is a Colour management section.
4. At the Output colour space, there are 2 options, namely RGB and CMYK. Select CMYK.photopk

5. If you are sending to professional printing, you might want to include the other Prepress Marks such as Crop Marks.
6. Click OK and the PDF file will be created.
That is all for this Photoplus tips.