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Free and open source tools for video and movie making

With the changing of trends and dynamics in the media industry, it is now quite possible to produce compelling promotional videos and animation for your business on the cheap or for free.

Below is an example of an animation that is created using open source solutions.


To create videos, the following types of programs are commonly used:

  • Video editor
  • 3D Animation software
  • 2D Digital Compositor.

Below is a list of freely available software of the above-mention types.

Video Editing Software

Blender 3D – This powerful program although is used primarily for 3D modelling, also sports a Video Editor known as VSE or Video Sequence Editor.
Davinci Resolve Lite – A lite free version of the powerful Davinci Resolve which is a colour grading tool that includes video editing capability.

3D Animation software

Blender 3D

DAZ Studio – a program for animation and posing human characters

2D Digital Compositor –┬áTypically, compositors come in two varieties, namely node-based and layer-based.

Natron – Powerful node-based compositor.


Hope the above information will be of use to someone. Thank you.