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Free Image Editing and Photo retouching tools


Pixenate is a very basic online image editor. The interface is very easy to understand. Most of the commands of this free online image editor are placed on the left side of the webpage.

After trying it for a while, here’s our opinion.
This is a pretty useful program which is quite similar in interface to Photoshop or Photoplus. If one already know how to use Photoshop or Photoplus, this software’s usage will be fairly self explanatory. However, because it is launched online, operations are slower than typical desktop-based image editors. High resolution digital photos can take minutes to load.

If you only want to do very basic image editing, this program may be good enough.
However, if you intend to do more indepth and serious image editing, GIMP or Paint.NET are two of the better free image editors. Unfortunately both GIMP and Paint.NET are not online image editors, although they are free. For me, Splashup is a better solution as a free online image editor than Pixenate, however it seems to have disappeared. Good affordable alternatives for more comprehensive editing are Photoplus or Corel Paintshop Pro.


There is an excellent freeware for correcting color cast. It is called ColorcastFX. You can download it from the If you are doing just color cast correction, perhaps full fledge editing program such as Photoshop or Paintshop Pro or Photoplus may not be the most appropriate.



It provides automatic setting to correct the following models of digital cameras:
Nikon CoolPix
Olympus c30303
Canon S100
Canon A5
Canon s10
Fuji 4700
Beside these ready settings, it also allows custom exposure and color cast correction.
I have a low end point and shoot digital camera from Shiro. This camera of mine does not handle low light areas very well. Luckily I have Colorcast to help in enhancing and improving the images taken with this camera. If you can only afford a budget digital camera, do yourself a favour by downloading and learning to use ColorcastFX. It certainly helps quite a bit.
One of the limitation of this program is that it does not have the ability to de-noise a photo. Usually, images taken at high ISO level tends to be rather ‘noisy’. We can overcome this problem by using it together with a De-noising program. A free de-noiser is Mediachance Photo Enhance. But remember to editing it using ColorcastFX first before applying the de-noising function.

Picture Cooler

Picture Cooler is a cool software and its free. Essentially, it is a photo-retouching program that is quite good at denoising.


However, this cool program is more than just being a mere denoiser. You can see the screenshot below to understand that it can perform some other functions as well. These include the ability to manipulate levels and Jaggedness, smooth edges and kill noises.




All these changes include realtime previews and are thus extremely interactive and intuitive. Picture cooler can read Jpg, Bmp and Tif files. It can output to the 3 respective file format as well
Have fun image editing.