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Photoplus tutorial: Creating metallic effect

In this tutorial we will show you how to create cool metallic text effects using Photoplus. You do not need to be a Graphic Designer to create nice topo text effect.

Photoplus is a powerful photo image editor from Serif that is less expensive that rival programs. There is also a free version of Photoplus call SE.

Although, this is a Photoplus graphic tutorial. The procedure is also applicable to GIMP and Photoshop as well.

OK, here are the generic steps:
1. Open the image in Photoplus.
2. Select the part where the metallic effect are to be added. There are a variety of select tools in Photoplus for this job. A good one is the polygon select tool. In the example below, the Magic Wand tool is used.

3. Go to the menu bar >>Image>> Adjust Curves. This will open the Curve editor.
4. Add new points on the curve and tweak the curve as show below.


You will now notice that the object has taken on a metallic look.


Ok, that is all for this mini graphics tutorial. Hope that it will be useful for your work.