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Types of Creative Designers

Some people are naturally inclined to be more artistic. These people often have the ability to intuitive feel whether something is aesthetically pleasing or not. In addition to that, they can take these inner knowings further and translate them into new and visually pleasing creations.

These people naturally have the potential to be creative designers. However, contrary to popular notion, design is also partly an acquired skill. This means that a person can be trained to become a designer. This is because given the experience and relevant training, the ability to discern good design as well as the ability to translate design into drawings can be taught.

Below are a list of Creative designer professions:

Industrial Designer. Industrial Design is the creative segment of product design. Nowadays, the design of products are done using 3D software. An industrial designer is an expert in the aesthetic and creative aspect of product development.

Graphic designer. Graphic design encompasses  many artistic and creative fields which focus on visual communication and presentation. A graphic designer must know how to  employ typography, visual arts and page layout skills flexibly to produce the final result of the project.

Interior designer. Interior design is a field concerned with elements that is found inside a space. This includes spaces within houses and buildings.  An interior designer is a person who is skilled in interior design.

Fashion Designer. This designer is skill in generating with stylish clothing and apparel designs. Fashion and apparel design encompasses many activities pertaining to the development and production of apparel items for people. They must have very good dress sense.

Jewelry Design. As the name implies, jewelry designer specialises in creating new and exciting jewel pieces.

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